Why the name EFILYM?

What is that – efilym?  Why did you choose that?  What does it mean? Why is the ‘i’ upside down? 🤔

All very good questions.  No – it’s not just a random choice of letters.

There is some quite interesting logic behind why and how the website, and the lifestyle change application got their name.

First of all its important to start with the notion that “I” am at the center of “my life” (both figuratively and in the words 😏 ).

If I want to dare to be different and live my life differently, it starts with me.

To show that “I” am different, I can express it by turning my “i” upside down 🙃 to get “!”. Now it’s an exclamation mark and shows who is in charge 😉 (I or me).

Already Im going against the current.

Now if we want to take it a step further and show that “I” really want to turn “my life” around – then you get efilym.

Simple when you know really 😎!

Credit Photo:  Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash 

Why the name EFILYM?

2 thoughts on “Why the name EFILYM?

  1. Wow, I like that! Turn my life around because ´Î am in charge of my life.

    Nice one!

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