An engagement built on confidence

The EFILYM spirit is based on providing a service backed-up with 100% confidence for our customers.

We take all precautions to ensure that customer data is secure and commit that it will not be shared with third parties.

If an application is free, often it's due to the fact the customer data is the "product" and possibly being sold. This does not correspond to our values.

As such EFILYM is available via a low cost, subscription in full transparency up front. Each EFILYM subscription duration can be personalized to best suit your project and personal need and can be paid in a choice of 6 currencies.

What can I do with EFILYM ?

Start now your own lifestyle changing adventure!

I did it! Why not you?
What's it for, EFILYM ?

A lifestyle change requires mental and financial preparation

How does it work?
It’s an iterative approach to fine tune your project and prepare yourself mentally to start your new lifestyle.

EFILYM Demonstration

  • Planning an Early Retirement