Who are we ?

Hi, We are Robin & Sylvie Adams. A New Zealander (I prefer 'Kiwi') and French mixed couple living in France. We made the choice to change radically our lifestyle in 2018 after much long and deep reflection and consideration. We discovered that our adventure to change our lifestyle interested a lot of people around us and would like to share our application and process to help other people find the solution and courage to make the same change in their lives.

We would love to help you with your lifestyle change!

The trigger factor

Entering into my forties, and with nearly 23 years of corporate career behind me, I started to question the meaning in my career and wonder what could be the second half of my professional life. I had the growing desire for independence and to set up my own business, and ultimately find a solution to be able to spend more time with my family, investing more time in sport, and enjoying nature.

How was I going to transform my ideas into reality?

Getting started and discovering the evolution process

Being a structured engineer, I decided to build an application to support my thinking and over time this application was evolved to allow me and Sylvie to analyze all financial aspects of our financial lives. We were able to see if it was indeed possible to ‘live differently’.

Our initial simulations were scary and indicated that any change of lifestyle was not possible. There was a strong impression that sticking to the current lifestyle was our best plan. Little by little however, many ideas and solutions were tested, excluded or included in the lifestyle change plan and eventually an acceptable plan was finalized.

The plan had been evolved, digested, ripened over a long period of time, and tested in all aspects. As such the initial fear of jumping into an unknown void had diminished to a point where excitement had taken over knowing that it was possible to make the desired lifestyle change that we dreamed of.

Managing the risks

As we are super cautious in nature, we tried to test all possible scenarios that they could think of.
To name a few:

  • If my new business didn't generate the anticipated income
  • If one of them got sick or worse
  • If our investments failed
  • The impact of skyrocketing fuel/energy costs due to global warming
  • Possible increased tax rates to support the worlds aging populations

Building confidence in the lifestyle change plan

This testing process over a long period also had a strong fear calming effect on us. As each scenario was tested and either discarded as not having a major impact, or taken into account and planned for, confidence grew in our plan.

Of course it's not possible to plan for every eventual outcome in the future, but it is possible to simulate the major risks and identify solutions to reduce or eliminate them, and ultimately make our lifestyle change plan more robust.....

and us even more confident.

Feedback from peers

Even if the fear was now pretty much under control, it still existed and we needed some trusted feedback so we started to share with our closest, friends and family members.

Their reactions were far beyond our expectations. Highly enthusiastic, they wanted to test the application for themselves and see how they could evolve their lifestyles, or had people in mind that could be interested in such an application. It was then that I realized that what I had built could be useful to other people. To be useful and help others excited me! Perhaps I had found the idea for my new business!

We started to investigate if it was possible to create a business around our lifestyle change App.

Alignment with world trends

During those investigations it didn't take long to see that there are many trends in today's world that show that there are and will be more and more people looking to change their lifestyles:

  • According to La SlowLife, 78% of people look to change their lifestyle at some stage during their career (but not many take the steps to actually make a change)
  • The digitization of the working world that will force many people to re-think their careers
  • The Slowlife trend - how can I reduce the pressure of life on my and my family so that I can benefits more what is important to me (family, passions, nature, etc)
  • Moving away from today's society high consumption model. Looking to live simpler with less and contribute to protect our planet
  • Millenial generation having different lifestyle expectations from society
  • The FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early)

Desire to help others

The realization was that many others will be looking to take the same steps towards lifestyle changes that we were looking to do ourselves. At this point we decided to centre our lifestyle change around the project to launch the ‘EFILYM’ application.

We had the idea to inspire and help as many others as possible to find the courage and confidence to go beyond the desire to make a change in their lifestyle and to actually do it.

Just like we finally did, so why not you?