The EFILYM financial simulation application to prepare your lifestyle change project

You would like to change your lifestyle to be able to spend more time with your family, your friends, or devoting more time to your passions, but the financial aspects are too scary to think about?
With the EFILYM App you can easily plan and test your desired lifestyle changes, seeing and understanding the financial impacts instantly enabling you to investigate solutions to ultimately enable your projects to become reality.
Moving at your own pace, you will be able to optimize your plans, preparing mentally and financially before taking the plunge with confidence and peace of mind.

Is your project financially viable?

With the EFILYM application you will be able to visualize the impacts of each financial aspects of your projects taking conscience of your risks. You can test all your scenarios of change until you find the optimal framework for your lifestyle changes.
It won’t happen by magic, but by planning and anticipating, it can become reality. Wny not give yourself the time and the means to evolve and ripen your plan so that it can become reality.
What you will like by using the EFILYM App?

Personalise my own plan

Instant visual display

Move at my own pace

Fun & easy to use App

Secure platform for data privacy

You would like to know How it works?